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Risk Assessment


The Australian commercial and project building industry is a dynamic environment, with its own set of risks. SHR’s BIRA tool helps Project Owners maintain control over a multitude of risks associated with the engagement of Contractors and their employment and Subcontractor arrangements. The BIRA is an entirely online tool and as such avoids the cumbersome and costly manual auditing and assessment processes more commonly used by the industry.

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Industry Risk Assessment


Project Owners have always sought to ascertain the quality and ER & IR risk profile of the Contractors that are tendering for the packages of work on major projects, before they are awarded. This process is now much easier and cost-effective using the PIRA online tools and SHR’s experienced Assessors and Advisors to determine compliance. SHR’s capability has always been seen as the industry leader in this practice, and the service is now much more efficient and cost effective with use of the online tool.

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Pay Terms &
Conditions Audit


Ask any employee what makes them most angry in the workplace and the answers will often be related to pay errors or omissions. Ask employers what they fear most and they will often say prosecution for payroll related errors – just ask the Directors of Seven Eleven and other high profile cases and you’ll quickly see why SHR’s PTCA Pay and Benefits Audit tool is the best solution to solve both problems. Semi-regular external auditing of payroll has always been a strong capability of SHR’s and is now even better with the use of the new online tools.

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Compliance and risk management programs were once time consuming, delivered mostly by people manually and were often expensive.

Today with SHR’s suite of online MyCompliance tools and services, these activities are efficient, completed with a minimum of resources and very cost effective. Whether its pre-qualifying contractors before awarding contract packages on your project or ensuring contractors are continually operating in accordance with agreed processes and commercial terms, SHR’s MyCompliance can help. For information on how you can benefit from this program please contact SHR at or on 08 9485 4200 and ask about MyCompliance. If you’re already a client to access the tools please click on the relevant link below and login.

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