SHR is a multi-disciplined Human Resources, Employee and Industrial Relations Management consulting business with over 20 years of continuous business success.

Our focus ensures our clients receive the best possible people management solution that will facilitate the success of their business or project. Our approach is simple – first understand the client’s business – then establish and stay focussed on their needs – next seek to understand the issues – then collaboratively create, build and deploy a bespoke solution.

So what do we mean when we say Bespoke?

To us it means anything commissioned to a particular specification; “Custom-Made” – “Made to Order” – “Made to Measure” – “Hand-Made” are all words we use to describe bespoke. It is not “Off the Shelf” – “Ready Made”  –  “A Template”.  SHR’s people solutions are always made to order and we value our independence while protecting the Client’s competitive advantage at every turn.

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SHR Client Diagram-01