HR365 – Next Generation HR

Designed to deliver practical HR services and payroll management…HR365 takes the pain away.

HR365 is a modular HR & Payroll service that includes:

  • Dedicated Client portal;
  • Payroll processing and compliance;
  • HR Information and Reporting System;
  • Employee & Manager Kiosk;
  • HR Compliance and Onboarding; and
  • HR Advisory service delivered by our SHR Consultants.

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Roster Management Software

Finally, there is roster management software designed by roster specialists.  ROSTERkey is designed for you – individuals managing and working in shiftwork operations and delivers benefits not found in other software.

ROSTERkey has been designed by Shiftwork Solutions based on the needs of our clients to:

  • better visualise workload, availability and options
  • optimise the allocation of both labour and capital resources
  • manage changes in workload, shift assignments, relief coverage, training, etc.
  • provide valuable information and alerts for managing your operations and health/safety (fatigue)
  • monitor the performance of your allocations, rosters, and hours of work

Over 75 years of cumulative roster design experience and our involvement with hundreds of different shiftwork operations gives ROSTERkey its advantage.  We understand the key performance measures for your operations and have designed our software with the ‘smarts’ to provide time critical information for decision-making.

Let us show you what ROSTERkey can do for your business.  Visit us at