Below is a list of our services. You can read more about each of these services by clicking the titles below, or in the drop down menu.


 Industrial & Employee Relations

  • Industrial Relations/ER SWOT analysis
  • Industry surveys: pay rates & conditions
  • Industrial Relations options, strategy and plans
  • Construction labour risk management
  • Vessel inspections in  preparation for maritime negotiations
  • Enterprise agreement design
  • Employee relations management plans & audits (ERMP & IRMP)
  • Contractor & third party management practices
  • Developing employment contracts, offers and acceptances
  • Executive employment contract advice
  • BOOT Tests & award comparisons
  • IR Regulatory compliance & support
  • Investigations services
  • Grievance & fair treatment process
  • FWC advocacy services
  • Counselling, discipline & termination advice
  • Consultation & negotiation with Unions
  • Employer Representation
  • Employee relations communications strategy
  • Project investment advice
  • Strategic project advice
  • Climate surveys and employee engagement
  • Employee Relations workshops for HR practitioners and project managers
  • Managing Change via agreement provisions.

Contracting & Recruiting

SHR is a Registered Employment Agent under the Employment Agents Act 1976

  • Ramp-up & routine workforce sourcing
  • Sourcing permanent (HR, IR, WSH, Remuneration & Training professionals)
  • Contractors for short to long term hire (HR, IR, WSH, Remuneration & Training professionals)
  • Pre-employment process
  • Relocation system
  • Employee induction and on-boarding design.

Project Services

Human resources and industrial relations components of projects in the mining, oil & gas and maritime industries, including accurate cost evaluation and resource optimisation for:

  • Studies
  • Pre-Implementation
  • Construction
  • Operations.

HR Management Consulting

  • Work organisation design & organisation structure
  • Work coverage, leave & shift roster design
  • Job design, skill requirements & personnel specifications
  • Positions, relationships & reporting structures
  • Roster, accommodation & transport logistics
  • Workforce Planning: supply & demand forecasting
  • HR procurement strategy
  • Retention analysis: turnover and service
  • Attraction & retention strategy: market positioning
  • Remuneration & benefits strategy
  • Variable pay design and implementation
  • Labour costing
  • Redundancy planning and execution
  • Employee performance & reward
  • Organisation climate (surveys, focus groups)
  • Group process facilitation – workshop
  • Continuous improvement processes
  • Organisational Psychology services
  • Executive and HR manager coaching.

Business Migration

  • Business migration strategy & implementation
  • Immigration, Visa & employer compliance administration
  • Expatriate relocation administration.

Registered Migration Agent 9903000

All advice is provided by Registered Migration Agents under the Code of Conduct for Migration Agents administered by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) – Code of Conduct – which can be accessed directly via this web site

Workplace Health & Safety

  • Health and Safety management plans
  • Statutory compliance and audits
  • Safety auditing and training
  • Risk management
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Injury Management
  • Fitness for work
  • Incident investigations and management (ICAM, root cause etc)
  •  Safety case advice
  • Emergency and crisis management advice and consulting
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • WSH training.

Employment Law

SHR provides end to end employment advice in association with a select range of legal firms who can provide the following services at competitive rates:

  • Defending adverse action / general protection claims;
  • Award/ agreement breaches
  • Unlawful termination matters
  • Protected/unprotected industrial action
  • Harassment and discrimination complaints;
  • Interpretation matters;
  • Executive contract design/interpretation
  • Executive termination advice and support for Clients
  • Breach of contract;
  • Denial of contractual benefits (WA IMC);
  • Right of entry matters;
  • Conciliations in Fair Work;
  • Bargaining issues; and
  • Other employment law related matters as appropriate

Outsourced HR & Payroll Services

  • Recruitment
  • Employment
  • HR administration
  • Workers compensation claims management and rehabilitation
  • Provide complete range of day-to-day payroll services via outsourcing. Currently to several industries including:Modern and State Award interpretation:Advise and monitor benefits control & administration systemsPayroll & system implementation & advice
    • Oil & Gas
    • Mining Production & Processing
    • Construction
    • Industrial Services
    • Provide in-house payroll & benefits management
  • Reporting & administration for taxation, deduction, superannuation & payment purposes
  • Operational auditing of payroll & benefits
  • Labour time accounting & audits
  • Conduct compliance audits for employment contracts.

Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Labour availability across industries & sectors
  • Labour cost modelling
  • Labour budget reconciliations
  • Personnel accommodation strategies
  • Personnel logistics strategies
  • Roster design
  • Site and camp design for optimal productivity
  • Mobilisation and  de-mobilisation strategies.