SHR’s support for the major contractors and a range of sub-contractors is second to none. 

We believe that the people doing the work often need the most support, and whilst resource companies and major contractors focus on their internal capacity to deliver, SHR recognises that in order to maintain cost competitiveness the Contractors and Sub-Contractors don’t always have the same capability or resources at their disposal. SHR is proud of its long history as the “alternative” to the Associations, operating with independence and with only the client’s needs and objectives in mind. Contracting in the resources industry is a tough game and requires tough decisions, by tough players. When it comes to Contractor support, SHR comes to play!

Clients include:

  • Brunel Technical Services Offshore
  • Integrated Group
  • TAD Technical
  • Kentz
  • DownerMouchel JV
  • Mt Gibson Iron
  • Broad
  • Compile-Ryobi
  • Macmahon
  • Jan De Nul
  • Oceaneering
  • Bhagwan Marine
  • TMS
  • Technip
  • Saipem
  • Heerema
  • Monadelphus
  • Loram
  • Pilbara Access
  • Downer
  • Zinfra
  • Electrix
  • Sedgman
  • Stena Drilling